About the Methodist e-Academy

The Methodist e-Academy began as a project of the United Methodist Seminaries in Europe with the aim of providing internet based distance learning courses for people preparing for the ordained ministry in European countries where the United Methodist Church had no seminary. The intention was to supplement the theological education that was available in these countries. The vision grew as it was recognised that internet technology could be used to address a far broader range of educational needs within the church. 

In February 2008 a governing board was established with representatives from the four European UMC Episcopal areas, the British Methodist Church and the autonomous Methodist churches in Portugal and Italy.

The board is chaired by Bishop Dr Patrick Streiff, Zürich. From its beginning up to the end of 2021, Dr David N. Field was the coordinator. In 2022, Meeli Tankler took over the role of coordinator with the help of Rev. Peter Caley as coach for students.